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P2R Karting

The Official Franchise Company For Pole Position Raceway

Pole Position Raceway began life in 2004 and has since become the most-respected brand of electric indoor go kart tracks in North America. In fact, Pole Position Raceway in Las Vegas has been called America's Best Indoor Go Kart track by industry experts and world-class racers. The Pole Position Raceway brand of indoor go kart tracks offers a truly amazing entertainment experience that can be enjoyed by families and serious racers alike, and electric go kart franchises are offered by P2R Karting, Inc. Simply put, there is no better indoor go kart racing franchise in the United States! So if you want to start an indoor go kart business, this is the best opportunity around.

The company's motto is Built For Racers By Racers and 2004 NASCAR Champion Kurt Busch along with AMA Supercross Champ's Jeremy McGrath and Chad Reed are among those who have made Pole Position Raceway possible. The company offers access to the industry-leading Formula EK20 Pro Karts and the Speed Sheet™ timing and scoring system. Combined with several million miles of real race experience, these features allow P2R Karting, Inc. to offer the absolute best and most-authentic racing experience possible. And because the high-performance go karts operate on electric power instead of traditional gas engines, there are no smelly fumes ,and they don't require full facility ventilation This allows Pole Position Raceway to air-condition and heat the entire facility since none of the inside air has be recycled with outside air. 

If you want to create the ultimate go kart franchise, you obviously need all of the right components. The Formula EK20 Pro Karts accelerate harder and offer the customer a more consistent race experience, which is critical for an electric go kart franchise. They produce approximately 20 horsepower and are more responsive and handle better than the gas go karts that typically generate between 6.5 and 9 horsepower. Each indoor go kart franchise facility features a single 1/4-mile road course professionally designed for maximum entertainment and world-class competition. 

A Pole Position Raceway karting franchise will allow you to align yourself with a company that enjoys national branding and a proven success record. We assist with site selection, design, construction, operations, vendor discounts, kart purchase, timing and scoring, website development and will put you through the P2R University, a must for any serious indoor go kart track operator. P2R Karting, Inc., operates under Federal Trade Commission regulations and electric indoor go kart franchise opportunities are currently available in the United States & Canada.