What We Offer

Learn what P2R Karting offers including licensing and consulting services worldwide. P2R Karting can help you open your new Pole Position Raceway go kart track from the ground up. We help from the beginning. From site selection to the grand opening day.

Pole Position Raceway Indoor Electric Go Kart Business


Some of the most-successful businesses in the world are franchises or licensing agreements, and some use consultants. A business relationship with P2R Karting allows customers to take advantage of steep learning curve, receive volume discounts, pool resources and capitalize off an established brand.  Here are some of the items that we can offer:

Site Selection Assistance


Indoor karting from a business standpoint is all about one thing: location, location, location. The right street address can make the difference in millions of dollars in revenue over the course of time. But just because you find a building that looks good, and is within your budget, doesn’t always mean the city or county will let you build a kart track inside. There are all sorts of building, fire, parking, safety, food service, and other codes that need to be reviewed before you buy a building or sign a lease. In addition, there are all sorts of city and county permits that you have to acquire as part of this lengthy process. During the startup phase of any kart track, you will quickly learn that there are over a dozen agencies and departments who can say “NO” to your project, but not a single person or division who can say “APPROVED” to the whole thing. We’ve seen other companies spend a few million dollars to get the doors open, only to find out that they missed something and are being shut down. That’s why it’s important to surround yourself with the right team of professionals who can help you try to overcome the many challenges that occur before, during and after startup. P2R Karting, Inc. understands these challenges better than any company in this highly specialized field. We can also put you in contact with attorneys, architects, engineers, and other professionals who have an understanding of he specific requirements needed to build an indoor kart track.

Timing and Scoring


One evolutionary change to indoor karting has been the creation of an iPad-based scoring system called Speed Sheet. This is a timing and scoring solutions system that allows drivers to view their fastest lap, finishing position in each race. It also offers industry-leading point of sales functions, kart maintenance database, inventory control, customer registration, customer database, race scheduler, secure credit card processing, product sales tracking, internet scoring and event tournament scoring.

Advertising Marketing


Our marketing program was developed by Ken Faught who spent over 20 years in the publishing and television industry. He’s personally appeared in over 130 magazines and on ESPN, ESPN 2, CNN, FOX, FOX Sports, Speedvision, SpeedChannel, Spike TV, NBC, ABC, KTLA and OLN. If that’s not enough he’s been on CBS’ 60 Minutes II with motorsports legend Jeremy McGrath. As a marketing expert, Faught worked for such clients as Saleen, Hyundai, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, KTM, Fox Racing, Pro Circuit, Works Connection, Studio 38, Wild Rivers, and Medieval Times, to name a few. He has developed a marketing package that takes advantage of the tools used by the most-respected marketing minds in motorsports and the entertainment industry. Faught has capitalized on the contacts that he’s made over the years to help create what is undeniably the most successful startup indoor kart track in U.S. history.

  • How to Attract Media Attention
  • How to Create Sales Incentives that Work
  • How to Entice Corporate Business
  • How to Drive Walk-in Customers
  • How to Capitalize on Your Captive Audience
  • How to Effectively Utilize Your E-mail Database
  • How to Write Press Releases
  • How to Negotiate Ad Rates

Pole Position Raceway will also help you create standard and corporate brochures, newspaper and magazine ads, and discount coupons using the templates that have been successful at our other facilities. The economies of scale will save you time and money, which is one of the reasons why a Pole Position Raceway business will actually more than pay for itself during the first year of operation and every year thereafter. We have an in-house design staff that can turn around your projects quickly and will provide you with ideas to drive more traffic.This marketing program covers everything from web design and promotional videos, to radio commercial scripts, billboard production and guerilla marketing tactics that work. This comprehensive marketing program gives licensed Pole Position Raceway facilities access to all of our printed and web-based sales tools, which is something you won’t find anywhere else.

P2R University


The grand opening of any new business is a special occasion, but it also presents a lot of tricky challenges and opportunities. Done correctly, the grand opening can thrust your company into the spotlight and produce an incredible amount of sales in a short amount of time. Done incorrectly, however, it can harm your reputation, lower morale, produce an unsafe racing environment, eliminate cross-promotion opportunities, and leave valuable sales on the table. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the things that can go wrong at the start of your new business. Like most successful businesses around the world, P2R Karting, Inc. understands the value of hands-on training. That’s why we provide the opportunity for business owners, their management team, and support staff to gain valuable experience at one of our state-of-the-art facilities. We train your employees in the areas of management, customer service, corporate sales, sponsorship sales, track safety, pit control, and kart repair. This a 6 week course is broken into 6 sections. It's the best school of its kind in the world, and it can mean a major difference in the amount of revenue your facility generates during the first year of business.“I thought about starting my own indoor kart track by myself,” said Brad Mark, a former general manager for the highly successful Richard Petty Driving Experience (a NASCAR-style driving school). “I visited several tracks around the nation and quickly discovered that Pole Position Raceway has the best program available. That’s why I went with Pole Position Raceway for my facility in Las Vegas. I felt Pole Position Raceway offered the best chances of success and the brand is top notch.”

Design & Construction


The design of the karting center is critical when it comes to customer satisfaction, cost, throughput, and overall efficiency. Our highly trained staff can recommend how to maximize space, create a fun-filled environment, and make the most out of your racetrack layout. This is important for all aspects of your business, especially when it comes to corporate event planning and securing additional party business. Our input will allow you to create a facility that will maximize your staff, improve customer relations, and speed up the time it takes for customers to check in and actually start racing. Our experts will also look at the overall construction of the building to seek out recommendations on how to save money on construction. We believe in value engineering, and believe we can save you tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars during construction.

Key Design Aspects

  • Impressive Overall Facility Layout
  • Controlled Customer Traffic Flow
  • Efficient Customer Registration
  • Simple Point of Sales Terminals
  • Cost-Effective Audio / Video Systems
  • High-Tech Web-Based Security Systems
  • Compact Pit Construction
  • Restroom Solutions
  • Food Service Guidelines
  • Easy-To-Use Mechanic’s Shop
  • Cost-Effective Conference Rooms
  • Creation of a Unique Atmosphere
  • Computer Network Solutions
  • Branding Opportunities
  • Back End Office Tips
  • Practical Storage Ideas
  • Electrical & Lighting Design
  • Effective Merchandising Solutions
  • Sponsorship Zones Which Yield Additional Revenue
  • Optimum Track Design

Grand Opening Start-up Team


Depending on how many of your employees you send through the P2R Karting University program, we also have the ability to assist you with an on-site start-up team. Our highly trained employees will come to your track and help you with all aspects of opening, maintaining and growing your operation. This is a critical step in your business and is another advantage of going with P2R Karting, Inc.

Vendor Discounts


Our 20 years in the motorsports industry has enabled our staff to negotiate special deals with industry-leading companies. 

Go Karts


Electric technology is one of the key components to Pole Position Raceway, and we wouldn’t have our business any other way. Our karts that we use at all of our facilities are legendary and they represent the future of indoor karting. Aside from the obvious elimination of smelly exhaust fumes, they are also quieter, making them more ideally suited for indoor entertainment. This technology has taken indoor karting from a male-dominated sport usually reserved for 20-35 year-olds, to a sport that can be enjoyed by the entire family and Corporate America. They are designed to be used and abused in a rental fleet, and we believe they are quite simply the most durable electric karts available in the world.



Indoor Karting is actually a sophisticated business with a lot of challenges that many potential track operators don’t know exist. Over the years Pole Position Raceway has developed a comprehensive set of recommended policies and procedures that make training your management and staff a much simpler process. Pole Position Raceway is a systems-based business that works safely and efficiently when all of the team members understand their roles. The overall idea is to create a hassle-free environment in which customers can have fun and experience the thrill of head-to-head racing that is Pole Position Raceway. We strive to be a service-based business with a knowledgeable staff, clean state-of-the-art facilities, and the most-competitive state-of-the-art karts in the business.

Important Operations Areas

  • Safety & Security
  • Pricing Structure & Competitive Analysis
  • Budgeting & Accounting
  • Preventative Kart Maintenance
  • Kart Repair
  • Kart Performance Testing
  • Spare Parts Inventory Suggestions
  • Inventory Controls
  • Customer Service Rep Training
  • Sales Staff Training
  • Safety Briefing Video
  • Pit Management Strategies
  • Race Track Control Ideas
  • Facility Maintenance Recommendations
  • Manager Checklists
  • Staff Checklists
  • List of Secondary Staff Duties
  • Timely Marketing & Advertising Strategies
  • Event Promotions
  • Party Planning Checklists
  • Corporate Event Sales
  • Staffing Solutions and Cost-Effective Scheduling
  • On-line Party Services
  • Factual Shared Data With Other Pole Position Raceway Facilities

Website Development


We have worked out an exclusive arrangement with our website designer, and it’s yet another tool that sets Pole Position Raceway apart from other indoor karting centers. We use high-impact graphics to create an instant high-level of excitement. We also load each page with a lot of useful information and have the ability to book parties online, view race results on-line, and promote new specials instantly. Each karting center gets added to our generic home page and then we create a website within a website for each facility. Each center has the ability to have its own photography, information and pricing structure. This is a key element to the branding of the Pole Position Raceway, and it is very user friendly.



Pole Position Raceway is more than a company, it’s a brand. We take extraordinary measures to maintain a leadership position in the world of indoor karting, and this goes well beyond the normal advertising and marketing. We work on developing strategic partnership programs in each market that go well beyond conventional means. We have a fleet of Ford Mustangs at our California and Oklahoma facilities and Dodge Chargers and Sprinter shuttle vans in Las Vegas, Nevada. Combine that with strategic alliances with global companies like Bell Helmets, Brosel Designs, and ZLT, and we have something that dramatically sets us apart.